A home for some of my projects

CSV Reader

A browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) that transforms raw csv into a readable html table, in the same tab

▼ Tech stuff

My first browser extension.

Built originally for Firefox (it's what I use). As more people found it useful, I added the polyfill for promises and published it to Chrome.

Vanilla JS

My Life in Weeks

A visual representation of your life, in weeks

Set your birth date and expected life length. Get how many weeks you have lived, and how many you have left

▼ Tech stuff

Written in Svelte. Compiled with Rollup. Hosted on Netlify.


active app

An activity tracker within an interactive calendar

Log your activities and hobbies, and get a nice monthly view of your daily life, plus useful stats

▼ Tech stuff

Built with React, using SolidJS to practice it. Hosted on Vercel.

All data is kept in-browser using the localStorage and IndexedDB APIs.


Bulk HSL color converter

Paste a list of HEX color values and get a list of HSL color values

▼ Tech stuff

Written in pug, scss and vanilla JS. Built with Parcel.

PugSCSSVanilla JSParcel

Screen to Cloudinary🚧

A serverless function that screenshots a URL and saves it to Cloudinary

▼ Tech stuff

An AWS Lambda Fuction written in Node.js

It's called with a POST request through AWS API Gateway.

Takes the screenshot with puppeteer.

AWS LambdaNode.js


A list of tips to get rid of hiccups 😅

▼ Tech stuff

A full SPA built with Node.js and Express on the backend.

Data stored in MongoDB and managed with Mongoose.

Frontend written in pug, SCSS, and vanilla JS. Compiled with webpack.

Hosted on DigitalOcean.